Memorizing Scripture

I will meditate on your precepts
   and fix my eyes on your ways.
I will delight in your statutes;
   I will not forget your word
Psalm 119:15-16

Memorizing scripture is a habit worth investing in. Sowing the seed of consistent scripture memorization can bear fruit in every area of our life. Memorization causes us to continually meditate on the truths of the word of God and provides immediate access for applying them to our thoughts, actions and life situations.

Psalm 119 reminds us that storing up God’s word in our heart is an antidote for sinning. Memorization is one of the ways we store up God’s word in our heart. We are hoping through this guide to provide a simple approach to memorization that is both easy to remember as well as practice. We have also provided some other helpful resources to encourage your growth in this important discipline.

Once you have identified the scripture you are planning to memorize, check to ensure that you are not memorizing a verse which can be taken out of the context of the general passage. You can typically do this by choosing to memorize the entire paragraph which contains the specific verses you are planning to memorize.

Prep Work

  • View memorization as a multi-day task. Break the passage up into manageable portions. For example: memorizing one to three verses each day over a period of 3-7 days.
  • Try writing the verse(s) on one side of an index card and the verse reference on the other. Carry the card around with you so you can work on memorizing it during wait times.
  • You can tape up verses at visible locations in your home like near the bathroom mirror or in the kitchen. Throughout the day where possible read them, repeat them, meditate on them and recite them.
  • You may find the use of apps such as ScriptureTyper, Fighter Verses, and Verses helpful in your journey.
  • Find a friend to hold you accountable. Memorization is a habit you want to develop over time so it may be helpful in having someone else to keep you accountable in the initial phases of this journey until you form the habit.

Daily Memorization Process (15 minutes)

  • Ask the Lord for help as you as you memorize His word.
  • Read the verse(s) for the day out-loud (you can try at least 5 times).
  • Cover the verses and try reciting them completely 5 times without looking.
  • Be careful to follow the precise wording in the exact reference.
  • Praying the verses as you repeat them is a wonderful way to embed the scripture in your heart as you memorize them.
  • After the first day, focus specifically on the verse(s) for the current day (using the steps above) until you can say those verses completely 5 times without looking.
  • Once you have the specific verse(s) for the current day memorized, integrate any previous verses of the passage from prior days and recite all the verses you have done to that point all-together from the top.

Reviewing Verses

  • When you have finished memorizing the passage in its entirety take a moment to celebrate and thank God for His help.
  • Set a review schedule to recite the passage at least once a week for a few months until the passage is embedded.
  • If you a have a challenge reciting some of the verses on your review days, you can repeat the Daily Memorization Process for those verses.