Grace Family Church exists to...



Jesus is infinitely worthy of our attention, amazement, and adoration. He made us, and then after we rebelled, he rescued us at great cost to himself. We have become his people by faith in his saving work announced to us in the gospel. He is our hero and our greatest treasure. God has brought us together as a local church to grow in our love for him by seeing again and again in the gospel all that he has done, is doing, and will do.



Jesus wants the world to see how amazing he is. And he is doing that through his people, the church. As we behold Jesus in his Word we are becoming more like him by the power of his Spirit. The same gospel that saved us is transforming every aspect of our lives. God has brought us together as a local church to grow to look more like Jesus and live more like Jesus so that the world will see what he is like.



Jesus wants more and more people to join his family. And he wants those in his family to grow in his grace. When we’re together we declare the gospel to each other in our song, prayers, preaching, and conversations. When we’re apart we declare the gospel to those God has connected us to. God has brought us together as a local church to grow in our ability and commitment to point people to Jesus clearly and compassionately.

Our mission is to adore, display, and declare Jesus in Caymanas Estate and beyond.

Why Caymanas Estate?

As we prayed and explored where we should be seeking to serve, we felt drawn to St Catherine in general and specifically to Caymanas Estate. We have a growing number of friends who have chosen to live there and in other nearby communities and to commute to Kingston for work and school. New patterns and new people in a new place opens doors for unique gospel opportunities. There are few churches in the immediate vicinity. Caymanas Estate has both poorer and more well-off residents. Our attraction to the area increased when we learned about plans for further housing and commercial development. We see the opportunity to build a church with a strong local footprint and focus even while we also serve people living in other parts of St Catherine and in Kingston.