Thank you for your interest in Grace Groups. Groups will meet face to face every other week.

Please use the links below to sign up for your preferred group. We've tried to locate our groups in different neighbourhoods and to provide options in terms of day of the week to make it easier for you to find a group that will work with your obligations. But we know that committing to Grace Groups will still be a sacrifice. It's our prayer that it will become for you a joyful commitment expressing how you treasure Christ and Christian community. Once you've signed up we'll get in touch with further information.

Each group has a maximum number of participants that can be accommodated. Once that number has been reached that form will be disabled. If the group you would prefer to join is full and you’re unable to join another group at another time, please email so we can try to see how we can accommodate you.

St Catherine Groups

Old Harbour Road | Saturdays @ 10 am

Greater Portmore | Wednesdays @ 7 pm

St Andrew Groups

Cherry Gardens/Jacks Hill | Fridays @ 7 pm (full)

Hope Pastures | Wednesdays @ 7 pm

Hughenden | Saturdays @ 4 pm

Liguanea | Wednesdays @ 7 pm (full)

New Kingston | Thursdays @ 7 pm